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Tap or scan to share your profile, social links, images,
products, contacts and more...

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Transform Your Networking with Virtual and Smart Business Cards

popipro simplifies the process of sharing your personal and professional information by allowing you to do so with a quick tap on a smartphone.

An Easy Share

Your traditional business card will only gather dust in someone’s office drawer. Popipro makes sharing super simple.

Hold A PopiCard In Your Hands

Share your profile just like mini website with your info, services, products, images, videos and much more.

Reveal All in One Tap

Just tap your PopiCard on someone’s phone to professionally connect. No wasted paper, no old looking business cards.

100% Effective
Easy to Use
Update Details Anytime
Unlimited Sharing

An Overview Of popipro

Connect wherever you go. Your popipro digital business card can be easily shared with anyone you meet even if they don’t have the app.

  • Just One Tap
  • Data Management
  • Go Green
  • Online Presence
Using NFC Chip

Hold your card to a phone to share your contact details touch-free.

Using QR Codes

For older phones, simply use your camera to scan the QR code.

Plug & Play

With popipro, don't need an app to share or receive contact details.

Update Anytime

Update your profile data any time from anywhere just by edit feature.

Manage Data

Control each part of your profile for edit and display to visitors.

Shared Contact Details

Quickly gather visitor contact details via email or whatsapp.

Reduce Paper Usage

Reduce paper usage to minimize your carbon footprint.

Cost Saving

Delete a repeated entry from your spending record.

Latest Technology

Amaze your clients and partners with NEXT-GEN networking technology.

Total Control

Control everything which appears on your profile for better experience.

Landing Page

Your profile is like landing page, so you will be online for your customers.

One Tap & QR Code

Get connected with people using NFC, the Next Generation technology.

popipro features

Power up your business with popipro interactive digital platform. Engage, convert, and grow with actionable CTAs and interactive experiences.


Business info

You can add all information about you or about your business and service.


Call now button

Your customers will reach you by just tapping on mobile number on popipro profile.


Click to WhatsApp

Our share feature can WhatsApp you without even saving your number!


Gather Contacts

Your profile visitors can share their contact details by using our "Share Contact" feature.


Social links

You can add all of your social links on your popipro Profile to get traffic by popipro profile.


Photo gallery

You can upload photos related to you and your business to increase your profile attractiveness.


Website, portfolio and links

With digital popipro, customers can visit websites, portfolio, gallery and social sites.


Google review

Using popipro, people can add review to your google profile or google business on single tap.


Save contact

One Click and your customer will be able to save your contact detail on his/her phone.


Click to navigate

Using this feature, people can navigate to your location with Google Maps easily.


Product inquiry

Your profile visitors can send you inquiry on WhatsApp for your added products from your profile.


Share digital card

Share your imporessive digital card with everyone to make your meeting fabulous.



You can share your Youtube, Facebook and Instagram video directly on popipro profile just adding video URL.


Products and services

You can add your products and services to your popipro profile to get visible you work to profile visitors.

popipro for businesses & teams

popipro provides lots of feature for Businesses & Teams to manage card and card visitor. Analize your ROI & Business Growth with our powerfull CRM System.

The next generation card for businesses & teams with powerful CRM system to increase your leads, sales & customer reach.

popipro's NFC cards drive sales and expand customer connections for businesses and teams. Powered by "Next Gen Tech", our CRM ensures thorough card activity monitoring. While our popicards cater to diverse business needs, they're versatile for any industry.

  • icon Admin control panel
  • icon User-Friendly interface
  • icon Easy to edit, add, and update
  • icon View contacts, leads & conversions
  • icon Analize your customer view by reportings
  • icon Centralise your information for your salesforce
  • icon Give easy access for new clients to review

The advantages of PopiCard & our CRM system

  • iconGet customizable NFC card with your branding
  • iconShare everything about your company with your clients
  • iconManage card content easily
  • iconShow your products and services to your visitors
  • iconManage shared contact of visitor
  • iconCustmizable form for every type of leads
  • iconManage all your card leads in one place
  • iconTrack all activity of your cards
  • iconUpdate your card info at any anytime
  • iconManage card data visibility for security
  • iconPowerful CRM system with you data reports
  • iconOne card with mutiple modes
  • iconMulti color themes
Simplified, yet advanced - that's the Popipro promise.
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Industries popipro works alongside.

Helping Businesses Thrive & Connect

popipro's work spans across various industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, retail, education, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, and more.

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Social Influencer

Social Influencer

Professional Services

Professional Services

Ecommerce Services

Ecommerce Services

Real Estate

Real Estate

Banking Service

Banking Service

Enterprise Service

Enterprise Service

Education Service

Education Service

Tour and Travels

Tour and Travels

Health Service

Health Service

Event & Ticket

Event & Ticket

Restaurant Service

Restaurant Service

Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Order your PopiCard today, and start connecting.

How popipro works

popipro provides many features for Businesses & Teams to manage your card and card functionality. Analize your ROI & business growth, monitor work efficiency, and so much more with our powerfull CRM System.


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Received your ? Fantastic! Your next step is to craft your unique Business Profile. Effortlessly input your company's essential details, share your contacts, products, highlight collaborations, partner logos, posts and much more.

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Share it with a tap

One set up, start networking with ! It’s super simple, just tap it on most Android phones and iPhones for instant connection. For non-NFC phones? Simply scan the QR code to dive into your profile. And the best part? No apps needed.

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By popipro is suitable for both individuals and teams, offering a range of advanced NFC features. PopiCard your choice for a cutting-edge experience.
For Individuals
  • High quality material
  • Card with NFC chip
  • Your name on card
  • Your profession on card
  • Update profile anytime
  • Add basic info on profile
  • Add product & services on profile
  • Add blogs on profile
  • Add industry experience on profile
  • Share contact feature
  • WhatsApp share feature
  • Add social media links
  • Add other links
  • Active support
  • Google Reviews
  • Multi color Themes
  • One card with multiple modes
  • Active support
For Companies & Teams
  • Company name or logo on card
  • Customizable card
  • Manage your profile and oversee the profile of your employees
  • Control panel to manage all cards
  • Powerful CRM and managment system
  • Add products and services to profile
  • Create custom form for all cards visitors
  • Manage custom form data
  • Manage shared contacts data
  • Reports for card activity
  • Add product & services to profile
  • Add blogs to profile
  • Add industry experience on profile
  • Share contact feature
  • WhatsApp share feature
  • Add social media links
  • Google Reviews
  • Multi color Themes
  • One card with multiple modes
  • Active support


popipro utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code technology to exchange information. Touch your card to phones or let them scan the QR code if NFC isn't supported. Tap, Share, Connect – it's that easy!

popipro functions with all phones equipped with NFC and can be scanned by any phone with a scanner or camera. It's compatible with the majority of modern phones.

Just by clicking "Add to contacts" people can save your contact in their phones.

Absolutely. You can link to your existing website, related websites, social media profiles and more.

No need for an app. The tap and QR scan opens info in your mobile browser.

Yes, iPhones 7 and newer operating iOS can read NFC tags.

Yes, you can update and edit the online profile after completing your purchase. You can use your card to update profile whenever you want.

Yes, you can get it. It depends on the requirement and cost agree by both parties. Please provide your input from here. Below are the some features we are working on

  • Appointment Booking
  • Advance Ecommerce
  • & many more ...

Environmental Challenge

Among the millions of business cards manufactured daily worldwide, a whopping 88 percent find their way into the trash within just a week. Consider the immense strain on valuable and limited resources like firs and pines, utilized to create these cards that ultimately end up serving minimal, if any, significance before being discarded.

Use Plastic Cards

Embrace eco-conscious choices by opting for recycled plastic materials, a positive step towards nurturing our environment. Let's move away from paper cards, which contribute to deforestation due to their reliance on tree-derived resources. Together, we can foster sustainable growth for our planet.

One card for life time

Say goodbye to the hassle of buying new paper cards every time you need an update. Introducing the revolutionary PopiCard - where you have the power to make changes anytime, without ever needing to replace the card itself.

Order your PopiCard Environmental Challenge With Popipro